Shaky Isles EP CD

The Shaky Isles EP is a collection of studio recordings by The Valentes (aka Gypsy Pickers), with a mix of styles, from acoustic to electronic/acoustic productions on world, reggae, rock, and rap tracks.

Shaky Isles is a song we wrote and recorded after the Christchurch earthquakes.
EveryDay has been a very popular internet download track.
Baghdad Saloon has received airplay in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, and has been on the Amplifier and World Without War charts.
We have a fun skit we do with the notorious Possum Rap during our live shows.

On this page you can listen to Shaky Isles EP tracks and buy the CD.

Track List

1. Shaky Isles
2. Everyday
3. Possum Rap Remix
4. Baghdad Saloon

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Shaky Isles

Every Day

Possum Rap Remix

Baghdad Saloon mp3
or Baghdad Saloon video

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