Music Videos

A mix of original and covers music videos here. We'll be adding more videos shortly.

Shaky Isles Music Video
Gypsy Pickers music video of their original song written for Christchurch

EveryDay video
An original song by the Gypsy Pickers. Studio recording.

Wagon Wheel - live video
Gypsy Pickers playing dance-floor request Wagon Wheel, at historic Moutere Inn.

Simply the Best - live video
Gypsy Pickers live.

Gumboot Gal - live video
Gypsy Pickers music video of their original song Gumboot Gal, performed at the Mussel Inn (Golden Bay), in it's early days before it got world famous! Includes a short intro.

Arizona Reggae Hoedown - live video
Gypsy Pickers playing an original, bluegrassy song about Arizona. Getting the night going in little ol' Nelson NZ.

What's Up - live video
Gypsy Pickers live afternoon gig, short video at Pohara.

Monument Valley - live video
Gypsy Pickers performing their original song about this special place, with some added animation

Down Home Boy - live video clip
Gypsy Pickers doing the boogie at the Vic.

Minnie the Moocher
Gypsy Pickers live playing Minnie the Moocher with melodica.

Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew - Gypsy Pickers live hoedown (short clip)

I'm Yours - live video
Gypsy Pickers live afternoon gig.

Gypsy Pickers live (short clip)

Country Roads - live
Gypsy Pickers playing request 'Country Roads' for 3 birthday parties

Possum Rap Music Video
Comedy alert ... You need a sense of humour for this one! NZ bush dwellers may relate. An original song, and some fun in the bush.

Ron Valente and band 1985
Two Ron Valente original songs in this video - Gumboot Gal and then Takaka, with a hot band of South Island musos. At Whitecliffs Music Festival in 1985. Classic!

Copperhead Road
Gypsy Pickers live performing Copperhead Road

Gypsy Pickers live at Visionz Festival
Gypsy Pickers live performing original song - Living Dead

Sweet Home Alabama
Gypsy Pickers live. Hits time of night! Sweet Home Alabama

Gypsy Jazz with mandolin
Gypsy Pickers playing some Gypsy Jazz at the Brigand Cafe

Baghdad Saloon Music Video
Ron Valente's original song Baghdad Saloon. It's had thousands of listens in the USA.

West Coast Bound - Gypsy Pickers original
Our song West Coast Bound, performed here by the Coalrangers. From the movie Magik and Rose.

Max Maxwell's beautiful Galia video
Galia - a track from the Continuous Play album featuring Ron Valente on guitar and mandolin. Recorded and filmed in Golden Bay.

More videos coming soon ...