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Every Day - Shaky Isles EP - (Original) . . . I'm Yours - Live - (Cover)
Wide Open Spaces - Aurora - (Original) . . . White Boy Blues - Live - (Cover)
Nikau Palm - Aurora - (Original) . . . Big Yellow Taxi - Live - (Cover)
Bit of Magic - Aurora - (Original) Brown Eyed Girl - Live - (Cover)
Voice Within - Aurora - (Original) Fairytale of New York - Live at the Brigand - (Cover)
Arizona Reggae Hoedown - Aurora - (Original) Fever - Live - (Cover)
Rasta Cowboy - Gypsy Pickers and Friends - (Original) Just Like A Woman - Live - (Cover)
Dancing in the Light of the Moon - Aurora - (Original) Walking On the Moon - Live - (Cover)
Tropical Dream - Aurora - (Original) Gypsy Jazz - Live at the Brigand - (Cover)
Waiheke - Gypsy Pickers and Friends - (Original) Ring of Fire - Live - (Cover)
River Runs - Gypsy Pickers and Friends - (Original) Turn Me On - Live - (Cover)
Cripple Creek - Live at Port Douglas - (Cover) One Love - Live - (Cover)
Stormy Weather - Live - (Cover) Mama Don't Allow - Live in Port Douglas - (Cover)
Voodoo Child - Live - (Cover) To Love Somebody - Live - (Cover)

CD Releases

$25 - Ron's Songs Only
$40 - Aurora Double CD set

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Aurora- Ron's Songs

1. Aurora

with Cameron Francis Maxino on flute

2. Nikau Palm

with Gary Hermsen on accordian

3. Reggae This Town

feat. John Lloyd on harmonica

4. Wide Open Spaces

with John Lloyd on keyboard

5. Illuminati

with Fiona Pears on violin

6. Dancing in the Light of the Moon

with Cameron Francis Maxino on flute

7. Arizona Reggae Hoedown

with Pete Rainey on violin

8. Rasta Cowboy
9. Six O'Clock Newz Blues

with Dave Connock on slide guitar

10. Nakahi
11. Blues for the Bluesman
12. Tropical Dream

with Pete Rainey on violin

$25 - Lindy's Songs Only
$40 - Aurora Double CD set

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Aurora- Lindy's Songs

1. Real Me

with John Lloyd on keyboard and Danny Wilson on saxophone

2. Mystery Unfolding
3. Voice Within
4. Planet Earth
5. Bit of Magic

with John Lloyd on keyboard

6. Living Dead
7. He's Coming Home

with John Lloyd on harmonica

8. Meeting of the Eyes
9. Jungle Song

with Sika on didgeridoo and ocarina

10. Moontime
11. So High
12. Wangetti

with John Lloyd on keyboard and accordian and Crystal and Dena Valente on vocals

13. Little River Lullaby

with Pete Rainey on violin


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Shaky Isles EP

1. Shaky Isles
2. Every Day

3. Possum Rap Remix

4. Baghdad Saloon


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Gypsy Pickers and Friends

1. West Coast Bound

with the Warratahs

2. Waiheke
3. Gumboot Gal
4. River Runs
5. Dance All Night
6. The Miners Are Coming

with Murphy's Law

7. Rasta Cowboy
8. Night's In My Day

with John Grenell

9. Takaka
10. Mama With The Blues
11. Waterfall
12. Swinging With The Music

From Apra

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MusicBox 2015 - Frog Song

Frog Song - from the Apra MusicBox 2015 CD

A children's song by Ron Valente

10. Frog Song


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Ron Valente Live

1. Dreams Come True
2. Wide Open Spaces
3. Laughing Song
4. Nikau Palm
5. Nights In My Day
6. Takaka
7. West Coast Bound
8. Blues For The Bluesman
9. Rasta Cowboy
10. Dancing In the Light of the Moon
11. Positive Wave
12. River Runs
13. Open Door

Continuous Play

A highly acclaimed electronic dance, trance album by Max Maxwell, featuring Ron Valente on guitar and mandolin. Nominated for best downbeat album of the year (2001) by bfm Radio. This is a very popular album which has also received regular TV airplay. Released through Golden Bay Records.



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Songs of the Earth and Beyond

This was the earliest album released by the Gypsy Pickers. We started the recording in Washington USA and completed the project over a summer of gigging at Waiheke Island. The album was inspired by our time camping on Mt Shasta, California for the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Computer generated CD copies are available.

Play It Strange featuring Storms by Dena Valente

Dena Valente has been writing songs since she was a wee thing and Storms was one of her early standout songs. The Play It Strange Top 20 CD is a release from the 2004 National Secondary Schools Songwriting Competition in which Storms was in the Top 10. A 2001 recording of Storms from when Dena was 11 was released on this CD and was distributed nationwide.

Here we have a more recent Storms Remix available as a free MP3 download. This is a recording by Dena, featuring and produced by Max Maxwell and is a popular track.

Listen to Storms

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